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Employee Benefits


We understand the value of time spent with loved ones on special days. In addition to accrued vacation time based on your length of employment with us, Quick Dispense offers seven paid company-designated holidays per year!

Sick Time

Naturally, when you’re under the weather, we want you to recoup! Quick Dispense offers standard sick day allowances.

Medical/Life Insurance Plans

Eligible employees and their dependents are offered optional co-paid comprehensive medical coverage and life insurance (including an Employee Assistance Program). In order for our employees to obtain this coverage at the best rates available, Quick Dispense shares in the cost of the coverage. In the case of both medical and life insurance, employees’ contributions are conveniently made via agreed-upon payroll deductions.

Dental Insurance Plan

Comprehensive (basic and major) dental work coverage is also offered as an optional benefit for eligible employees and their dependents. As with medical and life insurance, employee contributions for this are made via payroll deductions.

Vision Insurance Plan

Quick Dispense also offer vision coverage as an optional benefit for eligible employees and their dependents, with the employees’ share of the premiums paid via payroll deduction.

Retirement Savings Programs, 401(k)

Even with steady employment, we understand the need to set money aside for retirement. Beginning one year after hire, employees may contribute towards a retirement income savings plan. Our 401(k) plan provides an opportunity to save pre-tax dollars while deferring tax obligations. At present, Quick Dispense matches a portion of your contribution, based on your annual base salary.

Roth IRA

Quick Dispense employees are also eligible to take advantage of the post-tax retirement funds saving offered by ROTH IRA contributions. This plan is also available one year after their hire date.

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