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Posted: June 9, 2021
Location: Pomona, CA
Type: Full Time

Position Summary:

This position is responsible for providing ongoing support through the warehouse , OCS Delivery and Transportation Department. Primary responsibility to include on time reporting, scheduling and communication between departments and staff. Training of staff and open interaction within the Warehouse / Office Coffee and Commercial Food Service departments is critical. The ability to Multi task will be key to the success in this position. Leadership skills utilizing best management practices including forward thinking and ability to problem sole are drivers for this position’s success.

Knowledge and accurate utilization of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) AS400 and ARS Inventory reporting including S&R Distribution and reconciliation is critical. Daily scheduling of staff & vehicles for Commercial Delivery and Manufacture product collections. Conduct weekly inventory cycle counts. Process purchase orders to meet inventory fulfillment ratio / turns and seasonality. Manage budgeted forecast for product inventory.

Ongoing Support OCS route coverage needs working with the Warehouse Utility Team Member

New procedure introduction and process evaluations will be required to stay consistent with changing industry standards.  All Quick Dispense team members are responsible for setting a positive example for others to follow in accordance with the Company’s policies and procedures.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Inventory Management
  • AS400 Knowledge
  • Must be Self Starter & Self- Managed
  • High Level of Communication Both Verbal and Digital
  • Advanced Computer User (Microsoft Business Suites / Outlook)
  • Forklift Experienced
  • ADP Systems Knowledge
  • Product Forecast Experience
  • People Leadership

Position Responsibilities: Inventory Control Including Warehouse & Delivery  

  • Schedule Staff for Warehouse Operation at 8:00am to 4:00pm Daily
  • Support Warehouse coverage when required (Sick Day, Vacation & Open Route Coverage)
  • Support AM Vehicle Loading and check out process
  • Support All Shipping & Receiving process
  • Conduct Random Equipment Inspections (Warehouse)
  • Conduct Employee Performance Evaluation W/ Director Of Warehouse &Transportation
  • Support Equipment Maintenance & Breakdown Strategy (Warehouse)
  • Product  Receiving Coordination & Dispatch
  • Product Forecasting W/ Sales and marketing Teams (Monthly)
  • Inventory Reporting Cycle Counts Inventory Physical Counts (Weekly)
  • Purchase Order Processing (Weekly)
  • Update (Nestle) CW System Communications
  • Support Internal HACCP Reporting & Schedules
  • Support HACCP Meeting Sections
  • Support Safety Training – Equipment Operators
  • ADP time approval process (Warehouse & Delivery Staff)
  • Support Coaching & Discipline Opportunities (Warehouse & Delivery Staff)
  • Support route coverage when required (Sick Day, Vacation & Open Route Coverage)
  • Travel will be required to accommodate Local and Outer Branch Business needs
  • Manage Temp Driver Scheduling
  • Approve Hours Temporary Drivers /Contractors
  • Support AM Vehicle Loading and check out process
  • Support Drivers with vehicle & equipment questions & Hand Held issues ETC.
  • Manage Vehicle Breakdown Action Plans (Vendor Assignments)
  • Commercial Delivery Equipment Service Scheduling (Tires / Oil Change/ Maintenance)
  • Conduct Random Commercial Vehicle Inspections (Monthly)
  • Conduct Driver Ride Along & Evaluation ( 2x Annually)
  • Conduct Data & Information sessions with staff to better our delivery process
  • Coordination with Warehouse Utility Driver (OCS Product Needs & Department Improvements)
  • Update Driver Daily Activity Report and communicate (Daily)
  • Manage Order Process for Supplies needed for Commercial & OCS Fleet
  • Approve Driver Expense Reports and submit for processing
  • May be assigned other duties as business requires.


  • On Time Reporting Inventory Turns (2.5 Monthly)
  • Manage Team Performance Required Standards (Fulfillment Rate 98%)
  • Minimize Risk /Accident Situations (Warehouse & Delivery )
  • Manage Labor Codes Responsibilities Eliminate Violations (Warehouse& Delivery)
  • Operate within Department Budgets
  • Open Communications with all departments

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